Why study Tai Chi?
Taijiquan (Tai Chi) is a classical Chinese martial art, now well-established as an excellent form of exercise. Recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, Taijiquan is a modern tool for relaxation, range of motion, circulation, balance and bone density. The practice is suitable for all ages and levels of physical ability. Most importantly, proper practice will improve your health, adding years of joy to your life!
Taijiquan classes consist of warmup exercises including various general movements and Qiqong (energetic breath work) training. Then various basic skills are introduced, practiced, and incorporated into routines of various lengths. The most basic consist of about 10 and some classical routines are over 100 movements.
Intermediate to advanced practice includes partner work called “pushing hands”, wherein the adept can borrow an adversary’s force to neutralize and subdue him. Weapons such as sword and saber, spear, halberd and fan are an extension of the body and are traditional training methods of Taijiquan.                             
We offer study in related arts: Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, and Bajiquan, as well as several external styles of Chinese martial arts. 
Why learn with us?
DC Tai Chi offers instruction in traditional Taijiquan in both private and small group classes in the DC Metro area. We facilitate classes for:
American Psychological Association
American University
Capitol ONE
Columbia Country Club
Georgetown Ministry Center
Healthways for CAREFIRST Blue Cross/Shield
Inter-American Development Bank
the Lowell School
Manassas Chinese Martial Arts 
Mandarin Oriental
National Gallery of Art
National Industries for the Blind
Shenandoah Taijiquan Center
Sidwell Friends School
Soaring Heron Martial Arts
Sports Club/LA at the Ritz-Carlton
United States Secret Service
Washington National Cathedral
We LOVE what we do, and work hard to do it well. For over 35 years, well enough to garner accolades from the international Chinese martial arts community and press coverage from both industry and mainstream print and video. 
We have inherited a legacy of excellence, which we intend to continue, helping others improve their lives.

“Ming shi gao tu”

Only learning from a skilled teacher can produce the best results.

“Shifu ling jin men”

A master leads you into the door, the results depend upon your “gong fu” - effort and time.